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[PTE Academic] Writing 답안 Sample

그동안 정리를 했던 PTE Academic 시험의 Essay 파트의 템플릿인데

최근 시험 모두 Writing은 65점을 넘어 IELTS로 환산하면 7점을 넘어서 이렇게 쓰면 65점을 넘을 수 있다는 확신이 들어서 Sample을 공유해 드립니다.

내용을 퍼가시지 마시고 링크를 가져가주세요^^

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PTE 시험 에세이 Sample

65점 정도 되는 샘플을 올려 달라고 하셔서 예전에 작성한 Sample 몇개를 올려드릴려고 합니다.

아이엘츠에서 6~6.5 나오던 제 점수가 67~71(IELTS 점수 환산 7~7.5) 정도가 나왔습니다.

참고하실 내용입니다.

1. 아래 샘플은 제가 PTE 시험 연습 시 시간 19분에 맞춰서 작성한 것으로 일부 문법 오류나 단어 실수 등이 있을 수 있음( 20분 안에 쓰기 위해서 시간 정해놓고 작성 연습)

2. 아이엘츠 Part2 는 40분동안 작성해야 하기 때문에 이것보다 문장의 구성이나 퀄리티가 조금 더 높아지는 것을 감안해야 함. 즉, 이것보다 조금 더 잘 쓰면 제 아이엘츠 점수인 6~6.5 가 나옵니다.

(제가 아이엘츠는 7~8회 정도 본것 같은데 무조건 그 점수였음)

3. PTE 시험에서는 20분동안 작성해야 하지만 아이엘츠 라이팅을 6점 이상 나오시는 분들은 20분안에 쓰는 연습만 몇번 하셔도 65점은 90%는 따로 문장연습을 안하셔도 나올겁니다.

Sample1) 교육 관련 주제

With the rise of urbanization and populations growing across the world, learning languages which do not have any conversational purpose  has become the subject of heated debate. While some people assert that these languages is not beneficial for having a promising job, others maintain that these languages should be taught as the school curriculum. In this essay, I shall explain my own idea by analysing both sides of the argument with my own experience.

To begin with, learning these old language have a positive role in pupils’ viewpoint. According to research, the majority of students learning old languages are more likely to attend prestigious universities because they tend to catch up academically. For this reason, they tend to have a more rewarding job if they have better understanding in old languages. Thus, the understanding of ancient languages is crucial.

On the other hand, students might waste their precious time learning unimportant languages. They probably should more focus on main subjects such as Mathematics or Physics. However,  students should increase their grade in order to get a satisfying job because higher grade lead to better chance to have a promising job. For this reason, learning dead languages plays a positive influence on better job opportunities.

In conclusion, considering what has been discussed above, although it seems that learning ancient languages might not be crucial for students’ career opportunities, I firmly believe that students should be encouraged to learn old languages such as Latin and Greek because these would stimulate students’ versatile development.

Sample2) Tech 관련 주제

With the development of technology, the use of computer technology has become the subject of heated debate. While some people assert that this negatively influences individuals, others maintain that the technology provides various benefits such as convenience and efficiency. In this essay, I shall explain both sides of the argument by recalling my own experiences.

It is often argued that computer technology positively offers a considerable number of merits. 

First and foremost, with advances in computing, people who are from all walks of life can utilize their time effectively thanks to various computer programs such as word processors. 

In addition, the majority of citizens are able to enjoy their leisure in their home thanks to personal computers enabling us to experience a virtual reality of sorts with entertainment

For these reasons, computer technology is crucial in most countries.

On the other hand, the latest technology might play a negative role in our life. 

The majority of citizens tend to spend more time handling electronic gadgets compared to the past. 

For this reason, the growing number of people who overuse electronic devices are likely to suffer from health problems including lack of exercise and dry eye syndrome.

In conclusion, considering all that has been discussed above,

although technology may have a negative impact on our lives, it provides us with the benefits of efficiency and entertainment if managed properly.

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